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Mr. Vijay C, Plainsboro, NJ, USA  says:

Before joining UFA, I lost around $40,000. After joining and becoming a Gold member, I learned trading strategies and techniques. The gold group give me all the guidance that I need. Ever since then I have been a good trader/investor. Within the first 5 months of joining UFA gold membership. I'm almost getting close to recover all my losses. I’m very confident now that I will be in good profits going forward. I would like to personally thank UFA/team for all their efforts in making people achieve financial freedom and serving the community too. I am very proud that I’m also part of UFA and I am looking forward to volunteer with the UFA team. Knowing that my membership money is going towards feeding the poor and hungry makes me feel good. Thanks again.

Chris Chen, New York City, NY, USA says:

“I've been always a passive investor and last month I made a decision to join Urbanhood as a Gold member to learn and be an active investor. Through the short amount of time on the platform, I've learned how to do fundamental analysis and technical analysis. This has given me great value and confidence when I do make a trade. At the moment, I am taking their courses to learn more about option trading. Highly recommended and worth every dollar. Their stock alerts in their Gold Membership tier has returned 4x for me. Happy Holidays!” 

Vikash Shah, Chicago, IL, USA says:

I've been a part of UFA since early 2020, and I can definitely recommend this group as one of the best and selfless communities of highly experienced and successful financial traders and investors who are ever ready to help with any trade ideas and share knowledge. Being in the community, the traders get access to premium tools that help each member become a better and successful trader. The daily mid-day live meetings, weekly events, and market talks are invaluable, with experts sharing and answering questions to help every community member. And the part everyone loves about UFA is that they are a non-profit and have been doing a fantastic job of sending out food boxes to people in need and various other charitable activities.

Mr. Patrick Grenier, Montreal, Canada says:

Joined the gold membership about a month ago to learn more. I attend as often as possible the sessions to learn and share. Great bunch of members. And by the way I made good money in only 2 transactions. The best is yet to come. 

Mr. Samar Katlagal, Cherry Hill, NJ, USA says:

“I can't agree more with other testimony, and want give a shout-out to some more ninjas from this community. I had been trading on macroeconomic analysis before and lost more than half the trades in spite of all the research. This group gave me a new perspective on the trading approach and of course the learning.” 

Mr. Islam, Dallas, TX, NJ says:

Just joined the UFA subscription group a few weeks ago as a stock trading beginner and already learning A LOT of quality information from the weekly online classes as well as the input that traders provide in the group chat. The motivation and support is amazing. From success stories that made me believe it can be done, to the weekly classes that Mushi, Steven, Dlevar and others teach, you can feel that this is a strong community aimed at supporting one another and achieving success together. It’s very easy to see that they work with passion and give their best effort to help us. Also, since there are many people in the group with different expertise, you get to see a wide range of perspectives and ideas that’s just not possible elsewhere. I hope to keep learning and start contributing to help give back to this amazing community. 

Ms. Subha, Pittsburg, PA, USA says:

I was an investor for a very long time but joining this group opened up many avenues. It made me understand that stock trading is a science rather than only money and luck. I am learning every day with so many admins willing to teach and giving us our own time to absorb and get confident. 
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